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Contractor's Maintenance Service is a premium hose fabricator.

We sell customized hoses, ready made hoses and the fittings that go with them.

We have been in business for the past 18 years and serve the customers of the Central Coast.

Hydraulic hoses are our specialty, but we also have an extensive stock of others-air, water, oil and automotive.

We also do special orders, so if we don't have it on our shelf, we can have many parts delivered to us by the next day! 

Equipment specialists

We have pressure washers, air compressors, auto detailing units and paint sprayers in stock. If you are ready to upgrade or replace your current equipment, we are happy to assist you.

Stop by, give us a call, or drop us an email!

                              Contractor's Maintenance Service
                                          (805) 543-4558 (P)
                                          (805) 543-4472 (F)